Sep 7, 2021

It's FALL!!


is there anything sexier than seeing your man vacuum before bed? i think not.

my pajama shirt always has toothpaste on it. i am embarrassed.

apparently adult acne is a thing. i can't make mine go away. help. 

our a/c went out the day our family arrived for the hottest weekend in texas. bless them. they were such good sports. we had bbq and ice cream. we swam (a lot) and had lots of baby cuddles. my sister-in-law had the sweetest little man two months ago. we were all obsessed with him. dc was constantly asking to hold him, and aida kept talking about how she couldn't stop staring at him. it was glorious. 

it's fall now, so i can light my pumpkin spice candles and drink my pumpkin lattes in peace. winning!

does this also mean i can start halloween diy-ing?

i always dreamed of living somewhere where it was still warm enough to enjoy trick or treating with the kids instead of freezing. can't believe we get to live here forever!


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