Sep 2, 2021

Simple Moments

I got to watch a cooking show with Aida Mae tonight before bed. She patted the pillow beside her and said, "Come closer, Mama." I will never miss a chance for a cuddle with my bestie. While we held hands, I thought to myself, "When did she get so big? I hope we stay best friends forever."

DC busted into the room and said, "Mom, our team is up 7 to 0!" Then, he ran out of the room, and I head him yell at the TV, "False start!" Like father, like son, and I love it.

I hung this wallpaper in the guest room. Out of frustration I said to the wallpaper, "Stop being so mean wallpaper!" To which Aida, who I did not know was listening said, "Wallpaper, why you gotta be so meannnnn," in her best T-Swift imitation voice. I couldn't stop laughing.

DC saw the finished product and said, "Yeah, Mom! This looks way better than when you only had half the wall done because you didn't get enough wallpaper!"

I laughed so hard I cried.

Love these kids. They make life grand!

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