Feb 13, 2021

Valentine's Day Date

yesterday, i got festive. there was a pink sweater and a pink headband. 

on my side of the bed there was a bouquet of pink and white flowers. i hope they stay alive forever. my husband surprised me with them. 

i see you mr. wonderful. i see you. 

later, we went to our favorite thai place. i love me some pho. it worked out wonderfully because it's the coldest it has ever been in texas in 100 years. feels like michigan. wtf. soup was a great choice though, or so my husband said after he downed his bowl.

then, we drove around to get him so cookies and me a sonic coke with lime. along the way we chatted about life, celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary, and the things we are grateful for.

we got home feeling renewed, rekindled, and ready for bed. cheers...

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