Feb 11, 2021

truth or dare

so we meet again large sonic cup. you're filled to the brim with Coca-Cola, lite pebble ice (heavenly), and extra lime. 

i'm wearing pink because it's valentines week. i'm learning that i quite enjoy pink. having a daughter has obviously changed me for the better.

yesterday someone tooted. they shall remain anonymous, but it was hilarious...because it was vinnie (our dog). whoops. guess it's not anonymous anymore, huh?

we went to the store to get a friend her birthday present, and aida mae found the cutest baby outfit. she brought it over to me and said, "here mom, this is for our baby." does she know something i don't?

listening to aida mae play dolls...is very insightful. she reenacts our lives. watching her play dolls i think, "crap did she learn that from me?" yep. yep, she did.

on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you loathe being pregnant? this is a safe place. we can share openly here, and let me just say it sucked the first two times so the third cannot possibly be any better right?

the end and xo!

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