Feb 9, 2021

grocery day


running around never ends.

there is always a grocery store to be visited and an item on my list to forget. 

i go in with a list, and get things that aren't on it because i forgot to write them down. then, i forget the single most important item i went to the store to get. i need it for dinner. i contemplate getting pizza because going back to the store sounds like the last thing i want to do. i remember that a pizza is 10 bucks, and that i just spent a wad on groceries. back to the store we go.

then, when i get home, I have to hurry quick and get everything put away before it melts.

"don't forget to put the meat into its own separate bag before putting it into the freezer," I remind myself.

but i'm tired. i could get away with just putting it in the freezer as is, right? wrong. the last time i did that there was paper on the roast in the slow cooker. whoops, sorry honey.

after the groceries are put away someone is hungry. i make lunch...and then all i want to do is climb into bed and cuddle my man. nap time!

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