Feb 3, 2021

today has been such a good day.

picture credit- unknown

today has been such a good day. let us pray this continues.

i picked up the house this morning, and it should be noted that yesterday i carpet cleaned the entire place. i have never had a carpet cleaning machine before. total game changer. carpets look and smell ah-mazing. here is the machine i got. it has amazing reviews and is super well priced. this is the cleaning solution i use. i also added some essential oils to up the yummy smell factor. 

wife + mom = always cleaning. that is a legit equation isn't it? if it isn't, it should be. it could act as a proof for sure.

then, i put dinner into the slow cooker. i am making a turkey roast with steamed veggies, and it smells delicious. here's the recipe i'm using.

michaels (the craft store) will get ya. while there for a return, i noticed all the valentine's day stuff was 40% off. since, i had yet to buy a single thing for the big day, i thought that it was the perfect time to do so. the kids needed a fun craft...right? they "needed" it...my husband would beg to differ. good thing he wasn't there. shh!

huge mistake wandering the store because then i found two perfect signs to hang over the pantry door. i couldn't decide which to get (pink or blue) so i brought it to my instagram fam. pink won. surprised? i was hoping that would happen. i do love me some pink!

it was lunch time, and everyone was starting to get hungry. we stopped at panera, and aida was so kind to the people working there, that the general manager brought over a cookie and said, "thank you for being so kind!" her day was made. we said a quick little prayer of thanks and off to gymnastics we went.

currently- i am typing slower than ever before. i just did an at home manicure. three coats and a top coat is going to take forever to dry. is it worth it? maybe.

we painted aida mae's nails pink with pink sparkles, and she is loving them. i love my little built in bestie.

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