Jan 27, 2021

time flies.

right now i can hear the washer swooshing around the kids' clothes. i know i complain about doing laundry, but one day when it's just my man and i, i'll miss pulling tiny little rainbow shirts and soccer uniforms from the dryer.

having a little ninja sneak into our bed makes for some sleepless nights, but i will miss those cuddles.

when did i no longer have a baby on my hip? it wasn't a sudden transition. i didn't wake up one day and have my toddler say, "i don't want to be held anymore. i can walk now, mom." that process happened slowly. like a thief it stole those precious moments of mom and babe glued together as one from me. 

now, of course my kids still want cuddles and ask to hold my hand. i'm grateful for that, but as they get older they get more independent. i can feel the distance growing. they need me less. i remember wishing they could feed themselves and use the toilet. what i didn't realize is that when those days come they are also doing a lot more on their own than just eating a sandwich. they start to explore the world without me.

my goodness time flies. sometimes, in the trenches of motherhood we wish away hard times and with that we lose the good ones too. so, here is to fully immersing myself into the moments i have. soaking up every second with my kids for the treasure it is, and seeing the world through their beautiful eyes.

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