Jan 20, 2021

Note from the editor

i'm the girl in target scanning a body lotion on the think dirty app. i'm trying to figure out if it's going to make me breakout. fragrance gives me a full on rash y'all. it's no joke.

have you seen the new studio mcgee line? it's bananas! all her stuff is freaking gorgeous. i want it all, though i have no place to put it. that's the good part about having rooms finally complete in our new home. i don't need to spend money buying random decorations. "hooray" shouts the budget... or was that my husband? **Note from editor: Read my mind there...

sending the eggplant emoji to my husband in the middle of the day is always a good idea. keep it spicy y'all. **Note from editor: I responded with a peach.

we bought a freezer for the garage, and i called my friend to teach me how to make sourdough starter. if that isn't the definition of adult-ing, then i don't know what is.

currently- i'm staring at my mood board, smelling my anthropologie candle, listening to my stepdad and mom talk to aida mae via facetime, sipping on a spindrift, and thinking we are so blessed. even vinnie is chewing on a brand new bone. it's a good life y'all.

today's scripture study-

"What do you mean 'If I can'?" Jesus asked."Anything is possible if a person believes."- Mark 9:23


"Lord, thank You for the reminder that there is no 'if' in your vocabulary; what You will, You make a way. Help me in my unbelief; when my doubt begins to consume me, lead me back to Your unfailing love."

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