Jan 19, 2021

Better Late Than Never

I finally got around to hanging up my 2021 vision board. Yes, I said vision board. After surviving 2020, it is obviously time to go back to days of ole. 

I can't take too much credit. My girlfriend Hailee planned the shindig. It was glorious. She turned on The Bachelor, laid out some poster board, glue sticks, a selection of magazines, and before long my friends and I were feeling 22 again. It was just what I needed.

I hung my board right in front of my desk. Crazy how just a few torn images from random magazines can represent hope and dreams. Looking at it now feels like life before Pinterest, and it feels so good to have something tangible and not virtual.

As convenient as phones and the interweb are, lately I have been feeling like reverting to some old ways wouldn't be so bad. I miss reading hardcover books, and smiled the other day as I remembered my grade school teacher having to lick her finger to turn the page during story time. I thought that was so gross. I miss reading magazines, the kind you would leave in the bathroom for your...longer sessions. The bathroom is now a no phone zone at our house, and it's been great!

Nothing beats the smell of a library book, or some torn out magazine pictures plastered on my wall of things I hope to achieve. I treasure cracking open a book that my dad read with his handwritten notes scribbled throughout it.

I am working on putting my phone down more, and picking up things that I used to do before everything went virtual. 

I think because the changes happened so slowly it wasn't obvious that so much was being done on my phone and not in real life. My phone took the place of so many wonderful things, and I didn't even notice. Then came the day when my phone started showing me just how much screen time I was having. The first weekly alert of my screen time shocked me, and now I am working to do less virtually and more personally.

I started this blog post with all the intention of sharing my goals for 2021, but instead I'm sharing one of my biggest disappointments in myself from 2020. I know where I need to be, and it most certainly is not on my phone.


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