Jan 5, 2021

Confessions. Pros. Cons.


for christmas, dc got a cd player and a florida georgia line cd (per his request). he loves country. the good news is the cd player is used every single day. the bad news is the same cd plays all day everyday since christmas. you win some, you lose some, right?

though...it is the cutest thing to hear him sing with a twang. mister and i can't help but look at each other and smile the moment we hear that little guy sing in a southern accent. 

i am making a crockpot dinner today. sing heavenly praises. 

confession-i have been rearranging our living room since we moved in. i remember, as a little girl, helping my mom push the sofa around her living room, and trying to see the vision she had in her mind while we moved things around. like mother, like daughter? yep. love you mom!

the bachelor started yesterday. the mister ran to walmart to get an hd antenna so we could watch live. good news, the atenna worked. it picked up a ton of channels. bad news, it did not pick up abc. hooray. can you hear my sarcasm there? that's the jersey in me.

though...props to my husband for driving all the way to walmart and back just so we could watch a show together. he's a real hero around these parts. love you babe.

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