Dec 29, 2020

Dear Journal

Dear Journal,

2020 has been a year I don't think anyone will soon forget. It has been a year with a lot of challenges, changes, and even loss. It has also been a year of growth. 

I'd like to say that early on I saw the error in my ways, but alas we are nearing 2021 and I am only really just now seeing where I have fallen short. 

As I've gone from a young adult into a more seasoned one, I can see that I have been distracted. I have talked about allowing my attention to shift from things of eternal perspective to things of this world. I have been puffed up in pride. My eyes have been opened more than ever before. I have been running and running trying to work towards or achieve something, but that thing holds no real eternal significance. Like the wise Grinch says, we run around collecting stuff, and in the end all we collect ends up in the dump.

I can see now that I have played into the idea that things do matter (even though we all know they don't). Even as I type this I am humbled, and ask for forgiveness. I have been chasing things, when what I should be doing is pouring myself into my family and friends. 

A good friend of mine said that she hoped to be more intentional in the 2020. She wanted to be intentional with her time, money, and life. I think she is on to something. We should all be so focused and so in tune with Him, that in turn all of our doings become intentional. 

I am done being distracted. I will work actively to do things of importance. I will be more vigilant on what and where I spend my time and money. I will build on my talents, learn new skills that will help my family thrive, pray more often, treasure things I already have, and share things worth sharing. 

I know what matters what doesn't. It's just a matter of taking control over my thoughts and actions. 

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