Oct 6, 2020

there was a car accident on wtf tuesday

i don't remember much of the day today because tonight i went to a goodbye dinner for a friend, and when i got back to my car it had been hit. 

thankfully (through the grace of god) the man left a note with his name and number, but the husband will not like this. 


i did paint my nails for the first time since july, just hours before. wanna guess the color? lincoln park after dark. must have been a bad omen. #superstitiouslatina to the max.

on the plus side, i did bring my husband some cheesecake factory cheesecake. i bought it for him before i saw the car, and now i'm grateful i got it because it cushioned the blow a little bit.

looks like WTF tuesday came back with vengeance. 

search my archives to see all previously awful wtf tuesdays. 

also- if you find yourself checking my blog daily for new posts, you know what would be so helpful? if you could please share the link on your facebook and instagram. thank you!

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