Oct 5, 2020

motherhood is about choices


a friend of ours is due any day. she asked us to come by. we wanted to spoil her (because being pregnant is hard work) so we brought her a treat. 

i told my kids she could use some extra cheer, and that we would bring her a starbucks. aida immediately chimed in,"yes, mommy! let's make sure to go to starbucks just for her. can i bring her the drink?" she was so excited to give something to her friend when she needed it most.

when we pulled up to their house, she gently reminded me, "momma, please can i give her the drink?" i handed it to my sweet little girl, she held it steadily between two hands and marched towards the door with pride. handing it to our friend, she said, "here we got this just for you." my friend replied, "oh thank you aida, this just made my whole day." 

while we were over, h (her daughter) laughed and giggled. she loves dc so much. she walked over to him, held up her hands and said, "up! up!" when he went to put her down, she wrapped her little 18 month-old legs around him, and begged, "up!" he looked at me with the biggest smile on his face. "she likes me so much mom!"

it is amazing to see my kids growing into these wonderful little people. they came to earth ready to serve, and they teach me so much. 

motherhood isn't all rainbows, but today i made a point to see the very best parts, and it did not disappoint.

think of how differently these situations could have gone if i'd been distracted or rushing. when aida asked to take the drink in i could have said, "no because i don't want you to spill it," and rushed inside. 

if I was too busy chatting with my friend (which honestly could have happened - i'm very chatty) i wouldn't have noticed h reaching up for dc, and missed out on that moment with him. 

motherhood is just like anything in life. it's about making choices, and it will be as good as you make it.

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