Oct 7, 2020


i don't now why, but layers came to mind after the debate. i remember it being all the rage to have "layers" in your hair. is that still a thing? oh, and side bangs. remember those?!

putting together my office is very confusing. it has two doors which is really throwing me off, not to mention it is terrible feng shui. 

it was supposed to be my husband's office. he was working from home, until he wasn't. now, i have a desk we picked out just for him. i wanted a super glam space. in my dreams it had florals and whites. so, this modern wood desk thing should be interesting to style around.

my younger self was so much mushier. i use to love hand-holding. now, my palms just get sweaty, and not in a cute way. 

whoever thought of putting the starbucks in target, you're a genius. you sneaky bastard.

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