Oct 12, 2020

witch's night out

watching my kids play soccer all weekend, i thought to myself, "how are we here already?" how are these tiny little humans that slept on my chest big enough to be running around on a field? Go number 9!

i gave up coke two weeks ago. it has not been a happy experience. #ICaveIt 

we are in the middle of october and it is still warm and sunny here. what is this place and how am i lucky enough to live here? 

coming from michigan with its long, dark, cold winters really i have been humbled. i am so grateful for the warm sunny fall days here.

i had a witch's night out this weekend. i did a cat eye and sanderson sister red lips, but instead i looked like a taylor swift wannabe. whoopsie. 

the witch's night out was an early birthday celebration. i have always wanted a halloween themed birthday, but my mom is latina so naturally all things halloween are canceled because #VerySuperstitious. 

my friend's spoiled me. it was gorgeous. there were hanging bats and witches hats from the ceiling, cotton candy, and the most amazing company. these girls are just angels.

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least, but it has taught me to look for the good where i can find it. 

i'm grateful to be in texas. i'm grateful for the people we have met here, and i'm grateful for the opportunity to grow.

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