Oct 21, 2020

men have it so darn easy

i watched aida playing today and thought, "how did she get so big?" 

i just love her. she is my best friend. it's a close tie with my mom of course. i love you mom. as i type aida is having her daily facetime playdate with my mom. they are precious.

when did i start hating getting dressed? 

was it during pregnancy when my first trimester bump looked like i had some serious bloat? was it near the end of pregnancy when the bump wasn't cute anymore? you know, the awful stage when you get "any day now" comments from every strange passerby at 30 weeks? 

"no, sir. i've still got 10 more weeks, and i'm only going to be doubling in size by then. thanks"

was it after kids, when my abs had been ripped so far apart you could park a chrysler pacifica between them? was it when i still had 60 pounds to lose? 

nah, maybe it was when my boobs had gone from a negative a to full on jessica rabbit. you know when they were more like utters, and had to be easily popped out of whatever top i was wearing?

oh the joys of getting dressed during the crazy stages of womanhood. 

and this is when i realize men have it so darn easy. gosh dangit!

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