Oct 19, 2020

biscuits and gravy...maybe

while making dinner tonight-
> i had to check the expiration on the self-rising flour we have. it expired last september.
> i looked up how to make a buttermilk substitute because we don't have any buttermilk. i also had to do math in the process, which is never a good thing.
> i did a sniff test on the sausage.
> let's just pray this meal turns out, and if it does, then it was a miracle. hooray! we didn't have to waste any food, and we got to use up things that were clearly on the brink of some serious stink.

time for the bachelor...or is that tomorrow now?
watching that trash of a show was the only good thing to happen to my monday. where is the good part of mondays now? and if you respond, "you get to start a new week," your optimism would be better served around here on a friday. 

anddd...tomorrow is WTF tuesday. gird your loins. 

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