Oct 26, 2020


we spent one hour in a shoe store looking for shoes today. 

i'm more of a get in, get out shopping kind of girl. i know what i am looking for, and if i don't find it i leave. but, today at this particular store, there was a BOGO 50% OFF and that sent things out of control.

we went in for ONE pair of shoes for aida. she needed some fall / winter shoes, but then when i saw the BOGO 50% OFF i felt obligated to get DC another pair for when he grows out of his current shoes. i couldn't decided if he needed church shoes or sneakers. then, i didn't know what size he would be, or even what size he is. you see he wasn't there, and maybe that's why it was so much harder. i didn't want to pick out a pair that was too plain or too colorful. there was just too many choices.

when i finally made a choice, they didn't have his size. and round and round this went until i gave up.

needless to say, we left with ONE pair of shoes, and i was kinda glad i didn't leave with a second pair...until i realized that i lost 50% OFF shoes i would need in a few months anyway...curse you BOGO bastards.

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