Sep 21, 2020

xo, your mom friend

Years ago I read a Dave Ramsey book. Using the word "read" isn't really doing it justice, because I blew through that sucker within a few hours. I could not put it down. 

Ever since, I've been hooked to anything budget related. I follow a ton of financial advisors on Instagram (gosh I sound like an old lady) and I laugh at their budgeting and investment memes. It's refreshing to see people talking about being financially responsible on social media platforms, and it's also a great reminder to me to be mindful of where we are putting our hard earned bucks. 

You know when that credit card bill arrives, and you instantly get that pit in your stomach? Here is how to avoid it-

If you are constantly checking up on your spending daily, weekly, monthly, there are no more surprises. You know when and what you spent your money on, and you're more mindful. Instead of just swiping your card and letting the bill show up, you are watching each and every swipe accumulate and stack onto each other. 

You'll start to notice that your $1.08 McDonald's Coke Lite Ice stacked on that 5 dollar pack of Coke at the grocery store you bought seems redundant...unless you're homeschooling and then that $1.08 at McDonald's is worth every second the kids are quietly listening to a story podcast in the car while you pray for patience.


your mom friend 

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