Sep 20, 2020

Seasons Of Motherhood

I just realized that I haven't pushed a baby of mine in a stroller since... I don't even know when. How did that happen?

My kids are still reaching up to hold my hand, so I will take that as a win, or as Aida Mae would say "a wint". She adds t's to random words, and it is the sweetest thing.

Today, I watched DC talk to a friend of his at church in a whisper quickly followed by the most perfect kid giggles. Aida Mae took the hand of her friend and walked towards their brothers with the biggest grin.

Watching your kids grow up truly is bittersweet. They keep getting better. Even though you think such a thing is impossible, and I'm told that it ends during the hormonal teenage years, but they really do get sweeter. It's also hard for me to let go of the cuddles, and magical boo-boo kisses that make everything better, the perfect little newborn coo's, and the sweet moments spent nursing. Oh, the seasons of motherhood.

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