Aug 10, 2020

Aida Mae's Room Reveal

Of the 58 billion pictures on my phone 99.9% of them are pictures / videos of my kids. The rest are pictures of our house. 

The ones perma-saved on my iPhone are from 2018. There's a solid three months of them. Then my phone ran out of space. The dreaded phone storage saga strikes again.

You bet your bum, I delete selfies of my outfits I post because ain't no momma got enough storage for that crap.

Deleting pictures of my kids makes me nervous though. 

I've got scrapbooks and Chatbooks, and even still I can't bring myself to delete their pictures. 

I've had too many pictures lost to relive the lost picture pain. 

Once, I lost an entire laptop worth of images. We are talking years worth of pictures. I cried.

That's an added bonus to blogging, your stuff is forever saved on the interweb...until you stop posting pictures of your kids...then I'm not really sure what the bonus is. Does anyone even read blogs anymore?

Wait, yes! I know one person that for sure reads this blog. My mom! Hi, Mom, and to my husband I'm sorry you've had to proofread this mess of a blog since 2012. I salute you.

We were watching Fixer Upper and Chip named a house "Plain Jane". Aida Mae was very confused by the name and said, "Plane? That's not a plane, that's a house!"

Her big brother quickly chimed in, "Plain, like plain pasta. You know, something that doesn't have anything on it and tastes bad!"

Listening to their conversations is the best. He teaches her, she teaches him, and they both teach me. I can't believe how quickly the time goes. Feels like just yesterday they were in cribs. 

I know it's cliche, but dang they just keep getting better. 

#motherhood is the best kind of hood there is.

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