Sep 22, 2020

soccer mom life

watching aida mae's soccer videos brings out the mama bear in me. number 19 who cherry picked from my sweet girl, you are a ... control yourself mama, they're 5. 

why is picking rugs so hard? i have been trying to pick out a rug for the office for months now. i get down to two and then question all the decisions i've ever made in my life. before you know it, im picking rugs for the living room, and that's the one room that's actually finished.

when you have your mom friends feel your diastasis recti and they are legit shocked at how big it is, you feel more justified (get your mind out of the gutter - it's the separation of my abs, folks and its bad). My posture is the worst and my back pain is out of this world. I've got about 6 mm of space between my abs, and nothing but the good graces of a plastic surgeon is gonna fix those bad boys. 

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