Sep 23, 2020

things my mother taught me

everything can be cleaned with a wet wipe, or as she calls them, a "wipey".

makeup isn't needed. she never wears anything but lipstick. she is naturally stunning so she doesn't need makeup. i don't think i've ever seen a single wrinkle or pimple on my mom's face ever. that venezuelan skin is good to her!

chicken noodle soup with A LOT of cilantro cures everything.

if you have money, give it. 

if you have extra food, give it.

if you have anything to give, give it.

never let the bad things people do to you keep you from helping them.

always be there for your family and friends.

be the person they call at 3AM in an emergency, because they know you will answer.

smile at everyone.

when saying goodbye to someone always say, "have a blessed day."

listen to happy music, especially when you're sad. it will make you feel good.

have dance parties in the car with your kids. blast the music with the windows rolled down and get your groove on.

always defend your children.

love fiercely and unceasingly. 

hugs make the best "i'm sorries".

pay attention to your dreams.

listen to your gut.

she didn't teach this one to me, but i never want to forget it- the way she smells when she wraps her arms around me and says, "i love you my daughter." 

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