Sep 24, 2020

DC The Teacher

i never want to forget dc teaching aida mae to read out of her homeschooling book. it was the sweetest tender mercy. 

i hid in the corner (secretly) filming them. i never want to forget his patient loving tone, her laser focus, and them recreating our routine right in front of me. it was priceless, and exactly the reassurance i needed. "this is right."

the amount of vinnie's hair everywhere is out of control. i can't even with him.

i want to do my hair and makeup...but also i don't.

i know i should get dressed everyday, but workout shorts and tees are just so dang comfortable.

i am legit thinking of getting a back brace. this whole not having a core thing blows.

my friend is a teacher, and she asked how homeschooling was going. i told her the homeschool part is great. it's finding ways to keep the kids entertained after we get through the curriculum that is challenging. she smiled and said, "us teachers have the same problem." made me grateful for the important work she does, and it also made me feel less alone. nice to know that even the pros struggle with that. 

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