Sep 28, 2020

3 Days in 1

Friday we had pizza, and I can't remember much else about it. Whoops.


We had oatmeal and my kids were thrilled. They kept cheering, "We love Mama's oatmeal! It's the best!" It still surprises me how much they like that stuff.

We also had soccer. Aida is a little athlete. She wants to be in the game, and she gets a rush (and the biggest smile) when she dribbles the ball through the crowd of girls and to the net.

We did a ton of Halloween decorating and planted some amazing flower bushes. My mom asked me what they were called, to which I replied, "I don't have a clue, but they're purple!"

I am a sucker for color, and filled our lawn with pastel Halloween decor covered in glitter. 

It looks like all my DIY Pinning how officially paid off. I'm a crafter. What has motherhood done to me?


We enjoyed our decorations...until all the wind blew everything we had to the ground. Fun. Real fun.

We had church, and another soccer game. 

DC gives soccer his all, and he is the best kind of teammate. He's always so excited when one of his friends' score.  


We bought some amazing local bread. It's the kind of bread you could eat by itself. It doesn't even need butter. 

I cleaned my room, and started some laundry. I have a strong distain for doing laundry. Some might say it is the bane of my existence. 

I had the most wonderful chat with Aida, and watched DC comfort her when she tripped. 

This is the simple life, and I'm here for it.

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