Jun 20, 2020

La Casa Measom Update- Living Room

Morning! So, the deeper into the design process I get with other rooms in our house, the more I want to incorporate color into the living room.

I know that a trend right now is neutral colors and sleek minimalist lines, and I too am drawn to that, but I have a love for playing around with pops of color. Have you noticed?

I've always connected more to colors, patterns, prints, and textures. Maybe it's because my mom worked in the fashion industry, and I was always taught to look for the next new trend. Though, I think it was the homes I saw in the city that pushed me toward bolder interior choices.

I loved seeing the Manhattan and Brooklyn apartments of friends, lined with their collections of mixed-and-matched treasures from their travels, beautiful art work stacked on the walls, and the furniture they found in Soho. That is the look I am trying to channel in this home.

My vibe for this living room is traveler's chic, crossed with a classic influence.

I have learned why mood boards are so important. It's better to change things around on the computer then to have to return and order new things in their place $$$.

I cannot wait to share the other rooms with ya'll. We have some amazing tile choices coming and wallpaper that will make your eyes look just like that heart eyed emoji!

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