Jun 28, 2020

Relocating from Michigan to Texas in 2020

My mom always told me to never share things that weren't 100% a done deal.

As a Latina she's very superstitious. We believe that sharing things before they are certain will potentially jinx any good things that are in the works.

Also, I've learned sometimes we make plans and then things fall apart. When that happens, I'm let down and on top of that I have to tell anyone I've told that it didn't work out. Worst feeling.

There is also that terrible situation when I'm trying to make something happen, and it just isn't happening. People are wondering when it will happen. They ask questions, I feel bad because it's not happening and that's pooh pooh too. So, to avoid all of that, we stayed quiet until everything was certain.

That's where we are now. It's certain! Miracles are real. Let's talk about the details.

For a few years my husband I have known that eventually we would move. We didn't know where, and we didn't know when, but moving was on our hearts.

Over a year ago we started to be more serious about looking for opportunities to move out of state. We were living in Michigan. At the time my family lived in the New Jersey area and my husband's family lived in Utah. We looked at opportunities in those states and around them.

Some opportunities arose and we prayed and discussed them. We had some opportunities offered to us before this one, but none ever seemed like the right thing.

Then, this one came along. It happened just as things with the virus started picking up. The most bizarre timing. Honestly, I think that's how we knew it was from God because somehow in the midst of chaos, fear, and confusion in the world, we felt peace.

We took a huge leap of faith. We prayed about it, and we made the decision to move from Michigan to the Dallas area. We listed our house in the middle of the pandemic. We left all of our belongings except for a few pairs of clothes, some toys, and toiletries, and drove 20 hours to Texas.

We left our house staged because we thought that it would help it sell faster. It did. It sold faster than I could have even imaged. The week it sold, we found a house we wanted. We closed 20 something days later on both properties. See, I told you, miracles do happen.

After 1 month of being in a rental, we are finally moving into our new place, and a day later our moving truck will arrive.

We bought a new house and are adding the finishing touches.

Welcome to Texas!

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