Jun 10, 2020

warm eclectic living room

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texas has some blue skies that will never get old. 

i don't worry about makeup. my tan lines and frizzy hair are distracting enough. sometimes, i get real fancy and add some eyebrow gel. you know, girl things.

i found a sun hat at walmart the other day, and aida instantly said "put it on your head. let me see what it looks like momma!" already momma's little stylist.

i bought the fuzziest slippers and let me tell you they are lux-u-ry...for the amazing price of 21.99. both my kids steal them out from under my bed every morning. it's a game they like to play. where are mommy's fuzzy slippers? one's hidden under the sofa, one's hidden under their bed. congrats mommy you found your things, now where is our breakfast?!

every mom at the park we visit will chat it up with you. they'll give you all their favorite spots in the area to visit and take your kids to. they introduce their kids to your kids, and their kids always say "yes, ma'am." 

dc and aida mae are so happy here, but aida mae makes sure to mention that she loves grandma's house more. 

the relationship my mother and daughter have is amazing. i have always been best friends with my mom, but watching her and my daughter chat daily via facetime just melts me.

i miss my dad. he would have loved to hear about our adventures here. 

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