Sep 3, 2019

A Hodgepodge. August Favorites. What's in my cart.

recently, i've found a love for skincare. 

it wasn't always that way. i haven't been the best to my skin, but i'm trying to make friends with it, and hopefully we can work things out. by "things" i mean wrinkles. pesky bastards.

there isn't anything worse than having a toddler finally fall asleep, only to immediately wake them up to go somewhere. nothing. freaking. worse. i'll be doing that in about hmmm... five minutes. hooray!

my husband got a haircut this weekend. he looks hot.

i'm making french toast for dinner, and there will be bacon. the measoms will be feasting like the breakfast loving folks we are!

i'm not sure what's going on with amazon. they've had some sketchy peeps driving around in unmarked cars, no vest, or name tag, nothing! it's just people in plain street clothes walking up to everyone's doors dropping packages off. 

i have decided i'm 110% creeped out by this. ya'll stranger danger is real.

i feel like i'm reconsidering my opinion on drones dropping packages off at my doorstep. it might not be so bad?

maybe then an old man won't see me walking around in my robe at noon and judge me while he's dropping off my reusable ziplocks...but who knows? maybe he's eco-friendly too?

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