Aug 30, 2019

what's cooking good lookin'

i don't know when cooking became my thing.

i remember being about 5 and watching my mother throw a little bit of this and a little bit of that into a pan and making the most delicious things.

there was something about my mother being in the kitchen. she seemed lighter, happier, and calmer.

now, all these years later, i get it.

my love for cooking began to flourish when i got married. since becoming a mother it has also become super therapeutic.

i play some music, tie on an apron, and before long the whole house is filled with a the most wonderful aromatic goodness.

i am typically barefoot, with my hair in a topknot, dancing while making something everyone in our family will enjoy.

honestly, there isn't anything better.

so naturally, when my new cookbook arrived today i was beyond giddy. such a simple joy.

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