Sep 10, 2019

I have jokes and so does the universe.

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a poem about my life-

roses are red.
violets are blue.
my husband's sexy and my little kid just took a huge pooh.

Lately, I feel like everywhere I turn the universe is telling me to get pregnant.

I get on Instagram and it says "4 years ago today" and shows a picture of when I was pregnant with Aida Mae.

The very next day, I'm talking to DC and I say, "You're such a kind and smart big kid! You're not a baby anymore. You're growing up so fast!" Aida Mae runs over to me. She puts her hands gently on my face, and says, "Mommy, it's okay! You're going to have a baby girl! See, Mommy! You'll have a baby again!"


And just as life has a way of making you laugh, it shows me my fate.

I have a girlfriend who is pregnant with her third. She also suffers of hyperemesis gravidarm. As I click on her IG stories, I see she's either at the ER getting IV's or has a home nurse coming to hook her up to fluids. I'm not ready for that... right?

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