Mar 10, 2018


Sometimes, I like to imagine the weather is warm enough to feel the sun bronzing my skin. Heaven knows that this pale girl could use some serious Vitamin D.

Sometimes, I wish I read more. Crazy Rich Asians was the last fictional book I read, and I sped through that one like no one's business...three years ago. Ask me to finish an insightful or educational book, however, and watch that book collect dust. Weird....or is it?

Sometimes, when I'm in the car alone, it feels like a vacation. I usually have some tasty treat in hand, and I'm listening to a podcast about something inspiring. Then, I get to the grocery store parking lot, and am instantly reminded this is not a vacation at all.

Sometimes, my kid needs to fart. He runs to the bathroom, toots, and says, "you're welcome momma!" Yes, son! Thank you!

Sometimes, my heart is so full to the brim with love for my kids, and sometimes I am just too damn tired.

You feel me, girlfriend?

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