Mar 12, 2018

5 Tips For Kids Who Share A Room

One of our FAQ's is- "How do your kids like sharing a room?" and / or, "How do you get both kids to sleep in a shared room?"

I think this FAQ could be because some recent shifts are happening within our generation. People are turning to tiny house living (or opting for smaller houses) because more and more people are wanting to spend less on their mortgages and more an life experiences. I've also noticed people are mentioning that they are trying to live with more intention, and less "stuff." I love it! We are totally on that bandwagon.

Having our kids share a room was an easy transition. Originally, we had them sleeping in separate rooms, but we noticed that during the day they wanted to play together. They'd pull toys for each of their rooms and meet in the main living space. 

That's when I thought we could do some rearranging, and get them into the biggest room in the house. That way they could have all their toys in one place and play together without having to haul bins of toys in and out of their rooms.

Once we got their toys and furniture situated, we went for it. Now, we have it down to a science. 

Here are our 5 tips for kids who share a room-

1. Have separate bedtimes. Typically we put our youngest (Aida) down for the night before we bring our son into his bed. This ensures that they don't keep each other up, and that they both get a solid nights sleep. They get their baths, their teeth brushed, and a story. Then, Aida goes down, and soon after DC follows.

2. Make the space a fun place they want to be in. Add lots of color and any particular themed items that they might be loving. Have it be an inviting space.

3. Give them a space of their own within the room. Maybe it's a reading nook for your tiny bookworm, or a doll house set up for your princess. Whatever it is, give each child a spot within the room that is all theirs.

4. Use a nightlight, sound machine, their favorite blanket, or stuffed animal or other comfort. Each child is different, and in our house our son needs a nightlight, and our daughter needs her special blanket. They each have their item that offers comfort, and that allows their room to feel like "theirs" as they're dozing off.

5. Communicate. We talked to both our kids about sharing a room before we make the change. We asked them both how they felt about sharing a room. "Yes!" They both answered a green for go, and we got to it. They're best friends (though they do have their moments) and love being together. It wasn't a big to-do for us, but for some it might be. If that's the case, be open and honest about why you want them to share a room. I find that with both my kids, open, loving, and honest communication can make any situation a lot easier.

That's it, my super simple (maybe totally obvious) tips for kids who share a room.

Hope this helps any new parents, soon-to-be parents, or parents making some new changes! Let us know in the comments below why you're thinking about having your kids share a room, and if your kiddos do share a room, leave your tips too! 

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