Oct 26, 2017

Round Here

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I think my least favorite question during any given conversation is, "What's new with you guys?" The reason for that is nothing is ever "new" with us. In the best possible way, of course. Everyone is happy and healthy, and that's something I'm super grateful for, but the question almost makes me feel like I'm not adventurous or fun enough. Sorry kids!

Stress pimples can suck it.

Starbucks chocolate milk is bomb. Always is. Always will be.

I think the best way to describe me when I'm hungry is not hangry but salty, and the only thing that returns me back to my semi-sweet nature is Chiptole. Note to you my honey boo boo.

The other day, my kid asked his buddy if he wore diapers. They went on to have a full-on conversation about diapers versus underwear, and using the "potty for fun." It sounds like a Democrat talking to a Republican, and as you can imagine things got heated...(I might be exaggerating this a bit for humor purposes but...) Then, one of them said "poop," and there was a roar of laughter that filled the room. It was a laugh that only Jimmy Kimmel's "take your kids Halloween candy" videos can give me. Which reminds me, I need to film one of those for our family videos this Halloween. Second "sorry kids" this post. I'm a great mom...

I tried a new recipe for the Crockpot... and let me just say that the amount of prep that this recipe required before the actual cover and cook was way more advanced than I ever want to commit to again. Sorry Martha Stewart, your Crockpot recipes are too friggin' fancy for this hobo. I'll stick to my dump and go recipes. The only Crockpot recipes I can support are the kind you dump into the slow cooker and forget about. That's the whole reason for Crockpots! #Easy Sorry honey.


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