Oct 29, 2017


shirt // shoes // skirt // bag

I think moving to Florida is inevitable. My kids love it here, my husband loves it here, and I love it here!

The palm trees make me feel like I'm on an island somewhere.

Between the sunshine and no snow, it didn't take much convincing.

It's also my mom's favorite place. 

I figure if we moved here, everyone would come visit as soon as the first snow fall came. We could be everyone's free vacation location, and would get to see more of our friends and family. No one ever wants to come to visit in Michigan. "It's too cold," they say...I agree!

Hearing my son beg to collect shells and swim just melts my heart. Him and my daughter are little fishes. 

PS- They have Chipotle here! 

We were made for this place. 

Sending y'all sunshine!

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