Nov 3, 2017

Bits and Pieces

When I first met my husband there was instantly something "different" about him from all the guys I'd met.

Looking back now, I feel like most women who are married felt like that about their husbands.

For me that "different" factor in my husband was the kindness he showed me. It wasn't in big gestures, though there were plenty of those. Rather, it was in the day-to-day moments that he showed his kindness, combined ever so perfectly with his respect for me.

I had some bad experiences as a child, and those things had scarred me. I carried that pain around, never addressing it, never talking about it, and pretended the best I could that it didn't bother me, or that it never happened.

My mom always said that in order for me to truly love someone else, I would need to love myself. I don't think I understood that until I was in college. Finally, some moments in my life forced me to face my pain and heartache head on.

Of course, that's also when I met my husband. When he came into my life, I finally opened up to the pain of the past. I told him what I had gone through, what I was going through, what I was scared to tell others before him. I think a lot of that trust I had for him came because I saw his love for Christ.

I saw the way he respected his relationship with God. I saw the way he valued his promises he made before Him. I saw the way he loved our Heavenly Father, and thought that if he could love Him as much as he did, he could help love me, and he did.

I'm grateful for the man my husband is, and for the way he listened to what I had gone through and loved me more for it.

Dear Aida Mae,

I pray that you meet a man like your father. That he loves God, and that he loves you with more kindness and respect than you could dream. When you do, marry him. 

Treat him like gold, and hold his hand through every moment of your life. Let him be your best friend. Be kind. Be patient. Be true. 

Love always,


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