Oct 20, 2017

Round here

My husband and I have gotten a little more competitive with our workouts. He walks in from the gym and I'm all, "What did you do today?" Or I get home from the gym, and he's all "How many miles did you run?" Then we go and try and beat out the other one in our reps or speed. It's kinda cute, and I kinda like it. Trust me, it wasn't always this way. Post babies, I am so slow, and out of shape, that I would be like..."don't ask!"

I'm about 99.9% sure I don't have a "style." I like all sorts of clothes and home decor. I mean, take one look at my Pinterest, and you'll see I'm all over the place. You can follow me on Pinterest here.

My daughter has recently started playing with baby dolls by herself. She will tuck them in and give them a kiss. My heart bursts, and I am so proud of the little nurturer in her.

My son has been talking a lot about poop and toots. That's been fun...

I am so excited about Thanksgiving. I am already trying out new recipes for the big day. That and the Fourth of July are my favorite holidays. Hands down.

My living room has gotten a makeover and I am so happy about it. Our new sectional is the comfiest friggin' thing in all the planet. Our new wallpaper makes me literally giddy every time I see it, and my pillows... don't even get me started on those things. #Heaven

So happy it's Friday. So happy to live in Michigan. So happy to have my family. #GratefulHeart because tis the season!


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