Sep 13, 2017

My Kid's Shared Room

When I was pregnant, I wondered how my two kiddos would get along. After having my daughter, she was very quick to show us that she was a spicy little girl.

My son is very kind and sweet. Bless his heart, that child wouldn't hurt a dang fly.

They couldn't be more different, but somehow (I think from all my prayers) they truly are best friends. We tried having them share a room, and that worked for a little while. Until it didn't. Because our teething Tiny started waking up her big brother in the middle of the night.

Then recently we (my husband + I) got this impression that they should start sharing a room again. So, after a lot of furniture relocating, they are sharing a room, and I kinda love it!

I wanted to create a place for them to grow and learn, but I also wanted a place where they could nurture their friendship. They can't share a room forever, of course, but this is the perfect age for them to do it. I think it will help them learn a lot about each other, sharing, and playing with others.

If you have any specific questions or things you would like to hear about (like how you get your kids to sleep and not stay up all night playing), please feel free to leave them in the comments below. That way, I can create a post on the things you guys want to see!

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Also- all our daughter's bedding came from Kip & Co. I want to cover our bed in their bedding as well. My son's bedding is from Target + Walmart. He saw those puppy sheets and had to have them! My tiny little animal lover.


  1. My second daughter is due November 1st and my first born is 4. I really want them to share a room (after the baby is old enough to sleep through the night). What are your tips on room sharing? I will take them all 😍😍😍

  2. Love this post! We have two littles a 16mo boy and a 5mo old girl. Right now baby girl is in our room but I want them to eventually share. When your kids were younger and sharing how did you put them down for bed? What was bed time routine?

  3. You read my mind! First thin that popped in my head was "How does nighttime routine work?!" "How does she get them to go to bed and stay in bed/asleep with their bestie right there?!" so yes please do a post on that friend!


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