Sep 6, 2017

Crockpot Season Baby!

It's Crockpot season, and I'm all about this life.

Sure, most Crockpot meals aren't the healthiest, but heck, I'm not complaining. These lifesavers make it so that I only have one pot to wash, and I literally just dump stuff in there and leave. Heav-en-lyyyy. That's what I call a damn mom hack!

We've had these things for centuries (I might be over-exaggerating just a little bit because I just can't contain my excitement), and yet this thing has never meant more to me than it did the moment I became a mom.

I remember at our wedding (I kid you not) we received over 7 slow cookers. At that time, I was a little sad we never got that Vitamix to juice and smoothie, but now I could squeeze every person who gifted me those sweet pots of gold. Bless you.

So, here's to Crockpot season. Any takers on some Crockpot recipe posts?

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