Jul 7, 2017

my shower's dirty

currently, there is one snoring dog laying by my side, two kiddos tucked nicely into their beds, a happy husband off at the gym, and two nipple covers stuck to my laptop. thanks son. #EnoughWithTheNippleCovers #WeGetItTheySaid 

moving on, there's something about me that i think i should have told my husband long before we wed. just to be fair, but since it's too late now, i guess i might as well share it with you. 

hi, i'm misses measom, and i hate to clean the shower. it's a funny thing, though, because i love to clean, and i don't mind cleaning the bathrooms or toilets, it's just the showers. there's something about those tiny tiles and grout that just crush my soul. like a grape. (yeah, that's right. i just dropped a tangled *disney movie* reference #MomLife). 

i buy all the stuff to get it good and clean. i follow all the directions, exactly as they say, because did you know it's against federal law to use it not as they say on the bottle? i sure didn't. surprise, surprise. 

good thing i am not guilty of that. i had no idea how to clean the shower, so i relied 110% on the directions. the bad news is that as the bottle says to use it, in my case always leaves the shower dirty. meh, you win some, you lose some. though my natural disdain for cleaning the shower is secretly not sad about this one.


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