Jul 10, 2017

5 Tips to a Happier You

disclaimer- i am not a professional. this is simply what works for me. 
five tips to a happier you-

limit the time you spend on your phone and or social media. focus on what you are doing on your phone, and how it impacts your emotional well-being. if it isn't uplifting or encouraging, cut it out, or limit it. find other things you enjoy doing that leave you feeling motivated and inspired.

pray throughout the day. the second you feel sad, anxious, worried, overwhelmed, or just in need of a pick me up, use your direct line to the big guy upstairs. he hears you, knows you, loves you, and wants to hear from you! lay it all out for him, and let him carry those feelings with you. you're never alone. 

look for the simple joys. this, for a busy mom, might be a shower, a Starbucks, or a quiet naptime. focus on the joyous moments in your day. allowing yourself to savor a moment of sheer tranquility has the ability to get you through a long day. pay attention to the little things, and replay those moments over and over when your day gets busy or hard. 

journaling. this has been a huge game changer for me. i use to journal all the time during my school years. as i got married and had kids, i did it less and less. since starting up again i've seen a huge improvement in the goals i set, the changes i've made, and the happiness i feel. i have also felt a lot more gratitude. when i sit down to journal, i write down funny things my kids said that day, things they did, moments i saw christ's hand in my life, blessings that were manifested, and sometimes even the trials i face. reading back on old entries has also been super uplifting. this is one of my top tips for sure!

find time to workout, mediate, read, flip through a magazine, or just something to unwind and focus on yourself. with all our lists, busy schedules, and daily obstacles we need to make sure we take a moment to focus on us. be it the mind, body, soul, or all three make sure to make time for you.

photos by- breanne rochelle photography

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