Jul 14, 2017

Tan in a bottle

"Hey girl! How'd you get so tan?" they asked. 
"Oh, girl! Thanks! From a bottle!" she responded.

So here is what I do-

1. Shower first. Start with clean skin.
2. Exfoliate with a light scrub. This will create a good surface for the tanner to stick to. I use "Ocean Salt" from Lush Cosmetics.
3. Apply self tanner with a self tanner mitt. This is key, or you'll be streaky, and your hands will be stained orange. Apply in a circular motion like Mr Miyagi (Wax on, wax off).
4. Allow the tanner to dry before getting dressed or into bed. I usually paint my nails or do my eyebrows while I wait. I shower and apply it in the morning, and avoid getting wet after application like I would post spray tan.
5. Apply a moisturizer everyday to help hydrate your skin. This helps prolong your tan, and keep it from being patchy during application.
6. Enjoy!

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