May 8, 2017

Friday you win

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I had a meeting Friday at 10 AM, and a sitter was suppose to be at my house by 9 so that I could get ready. Nine came and went, but my sitter never showed. I forgot about my meeting in all the chaos of the morning, and at 10 my phone rang. It was my sitter. 

"Sorry. I overslept. I can be there by 11."-she said
"Okay, no problem."- I assured her.

Shortly after that, a text popped up. "Good morning. We were meeting at 10, right?" Crap. It was 10:09. I responded and apologized for how late I was going to be. I suddenly felt rushed, and overwhelmed. Responding to texts and emails, cleaning up, feeding the kids, and loading the dish washer, I waited for 11. With my back turned to do the dishes, I wondered why the dog wasn't at my feet. Come to find out... he friggin' chewed right through the vacuum cord. 

It's okay, I told myself, it could be worse. Worse it got. I received a text from our other sitter we have for date nights, "Hey! I forgot I had a game today. Sorry!" I cried a little inside.

Eleven found it's way and so did our sitter, but don't worry, she totally had time to stop and get herself a cup of hot chocolate at Starbucks. 

I ran out the door and to the meeting, and that whole drive I couldn't help but feel blessed that my only problem was a babysitter canceling and my dog chewing up my vacuum cord. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade right?

Cheers to you Big Guy. Happy Monday y'all! 

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