May 4, 2017

What's in my shower

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As a mother and a consultant, I don't exactly have the time I used to have to take care of myself. I would get my nails done once a week before I got married, and got my hair done once a month, but now... forget about it. The most I get lately is a shower. As gross as this sounds, that might only happen twice on a good week. It is what it is guys. Sorry mom.

Anyway, when I get into the shower because no other pampering takes place, I'm thrilled to see these products. Mom life for me means that a dollar deep conditioning mask replaces the 100 dollar visit to the salon, and that my facial cleanser replaces a chemical peel with my dermatologist. I certainly wouldn't be complaining if I could get a little Botox around my crow's feet, but I don't have 700 dollars laying around in my underwear drawer.

I'm learning as I age up that being happy with what I have is really the key to living a full and joyous life. Here's to loving the showers, and learning to love what I've got.

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