May 10, 2017

Date Night Outfit

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There was a time I would wonder around the streets of NY city wishing that something Carrie Bradshaw would happen to me, but alas I played it safe, settled down, got married, and had kids. Out went the sexiness, and my yoga pants level of life was unlocked. Though, truth be told, I still dream something Carrie Bradshaw will happen to me, or at least something out of her closet will find it's way into mine.

I'm a 90's baby, and with all things 90's coming back I'm stoked! During the 90's I only got to wear the bright and flashy kids clothes, but that little girl is all grown up now and I get to look sexy!

Like how all my references now are from kids movies? #MomLife

I put together this look with the maxi, pancake purse, denim jacket, and platform shoes hoping that the 90's will inspire that Bradshaw moment this week. Hey baby, it's just you and me! Let's get wild! #YoungWildAndFree

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