Feb 20, 2017

Sexy Talk

Since having my daughter (second little angel) I've had a hard time feeling "sexy." Of course this term is totally up for interpretation, and what I think is sexy another might not, but all the same, I just haven't been able to feel that, "Damn! I'm killing this dress!"

I started to think, was it my body that made me feel the lack of sexiness, or was it that my wardrobe consisted mainly of sweaters, tees, yoga pants, and boyfriend jeans? I wanted to look good for our date that night, and in all of my desperation, I turned to the one thing that always seems to have all the answers... Pinterest. Into the search engine I typed, "sexy date night outfit." That is exactly how I learned that sexy is up for interpretation, and also that a bra does in fact pass as a shirt these days if we call it a "bandeau..." 

My closet is all a Joanna Gaines wannabe up in there, which is great and lovely if I'm trying to be America's favorite HGTV persona (which who am I kidding, that would be a dream), but sometimes I just wanna look good for my man.

So, my question to ya'll is-

What do you wear on dates? If you think I can get away with boyfriend jeans and tee, well honey, we just might be friggin' soulmates! 

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