Feb 22, 2017

Girl Talk

The other night we had planned to go on a double with our besties. My girlfriend texted me as follows-

"Casual?" -Her

"I'm going to try and look sexy (laughing cry face emoji b/c emojis are a language all of their very own of course). -Me

"Oh...hmm ok" -Her

... an hour and ten minutes later

"You set the bar too high!!! I can't find anything sexy to wear (freaking out face emoji) I'm not even a mom and I already don't have sexy clothes" -Her

"Hahah I'm in jeans and a chambray button up (laughing cry face emoji)" -Me

"F I don't even know what that means" -Her

"Hahah a denim top" -Me

"Alright we're on our way I gave up and am wearing a sweater (cry face emoji) -Her

The sexy debacle continues. Curse you sexiness! I highly doubt my chambray and jeans would qualify me into the sexy category, but alas it's all my closet allows. Dun. Dun. Dun!

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