Feb 15, 2017

Date night

During this past summer I talked about making time to date my husband. We had a friend's daughter come over once a week for a few hours specifically for us to go on a date. Then, the sad time came for her to go back to school, and like most things go, we fell out of the routine and found ourselves being too "busy."

We both went a few months without that one-on-one sans baby time, and there was a noticeable shift in our relationship. We were still partners. We helped each other, and cheered each other on, having nice conversations and such, but there wasn't that spark. 

I realize that this may not be the case for some, but for us it certainly was a damper in the romance department. We started sitting next to each other on the sofa, but each of us watching our separate shows, or reading whatever news article caught our eye, not really sharing with the other what was going on. We would do this for an hour or so before it was time for bed, and when we woke up for the next day it felt like we had never truly spent time with each other. Simply put, we were together by definition - side by side on the sofa - but not together in the sense of paying attention to each other.

Recently, we've been getting that nudge to get back into the swing of things. Living out of state, far from both our friends and family, it was a bit hard to find someone with whom we felt comfortable leaving our kiddos. Even just for two hours, one day a week, to go to dinner. I've never gotten a "nudge" without a way to complete the task, and just like that, we found someone. 

Back into the swing of taking our date time to go out and chat, laugh, and making googley eyes at each other, there has been yet another shift in our relationship. This one in the best way. Now that we are starting to experience and remember what paying attention and being together is like, we can't seem to get enough of it. In fact, after our date last week, I even hit up a RedBox and got some chips and dip to create yet another date, only at our place. Once the kids go to bed, I get all gitty. It's always a date night when I make a little effort, or when the Mister does.

Sorry for the sappiness, but man what was I doing all that time staring at a tiny screen, missing out on all the dang good laughs we could have been having. Don't even get me started on the chips or Reese's that could have been had! Welcome back date night. You were sorely missed

(saving these pictures because i want to forever remember one-the rainy days of michigan, and two- when my husband would come home (to our tiny retro house) with flowers on a day i needed them most.)

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