Dec 2, 2016

Warming it up a bit for Christmas

flannel bedding- the land of nod >> mini christmas tree- the land of nod >> rug- the land of nod

I know the trend now is white everything, and as a photographer I love the blank canvas it creates, but it's Christmas time people! I need to mix it up a bit, right?

Normally, I can't get myself to do seasonal decorating. I feel like I've spent so much time and effort making sure my house looks cohesive and put together on the regular days, that throwing in a random pumpkin just doesn't make sense to me (like my expected run-ons... what can I say people, it's what I do).

I have kids now, so I have to get festive occasionally. Listen, it's a real sacrifice, just ask my husband. I curse nicknacks on the regular, and donate "the crap we don't need" the second I feel like we have too much stuff lying around. However, DC's room came together festive and all with just a few changes. My husband loves his new non-white bedding. He said that it looks more like a "boy's room" now, whatever that means. Love you babe!

So, here's what our son's room looks like all Christmased up. Yeah, yeah, Christmased isn't a word, but it made sense in my head!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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