Dec 1, 2016

Tomato Leek Steak (Quick Weekday Meal)

My husband and I love to eat dinner after the kids go to bed. It allows for one-on-one adult conversation. We sit down and get to focus on each other, and the deliciousness of the food. It's great! Can you tell I love me some exclamation points?

This recipe is one of our favorites, and is super easy to make. Be sure and subscribe to our site via Bloglovin', or however you follow along with blogs for more recipes!

What you'll need-

skirt steak
halved cherry tomatoes 
diced leeks

What you'll do-

Aggressively season steak with salt and pepper. It will form the crunchy crust you'll want with the sauce.
Cook steak to your liking. I usually cook mine about sevenish minutes on either side, depending on how thick it is.
While you're cooking the steak, cook the bacon in separate skillet on the stove-top.
Set aside cooked bacon. Be sure to dice it though.
Add diced leeks, halved tomatoes, and as much garlic as you'd like to bacon grease. Cook that on low until tomatoes have released juices and softened. 
Add bacon.
Pour the tomato leak bacon sauce over the steak. 
Let rest. My tip is to not cut the steak until it's cooled. It locks in the flavor and juices. 
Serve + eat!

Hope you love it as much as we do!

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